A month? Oops.

I can’t believe it’s been so long since I posted. It’s been a really busy month. I had a couple of big assignments due for school, so I was cranking away on those until I left for Austin last week. And I didn’t have internet access the whole week I was in Austin, so if I wasn’t in touch with you, it’s not because I don’t like you. It’s because I didn’t have any numbers or any way to contact anybody (except for those few numbers I have memorized).

Anyway, it was great being back home – so great that I almost changed my flight and stayed another week. But I know if I had stayed another week, I would have wanted to stay another month, and so on… And of course I have to finish out my masters here in London, so here I am. I miss the sunshine and BBQ and lake and cheeseburgers already. And my friends. I miss those guys the most. I wish I’d had more time to see everybody, but hopefully I’ll be back in May when I finish up, but I’m not sure if I’ll be moving back for good then, or if I’ll be spending my summer elsewhere. We’ll see!

3 thoughts on “A month? Oops.

  1. So were you, by any chance, walking along 6th street on St. Patrick’s Day?

    Ashleigh, James, and I were in Austin on that Tuesday trying to get back to Whole Foods (where we were parked). There were lots of people but one person looked familiar. I thought to myself, “is that Ali and his brother?” I figured… no way. What are the odds, right? Besides, I haven’t seen him in so long that my recollection of what he looks like might be screwy. More importantly, he’s in London. But now that I read that you WERE in Austin… hmmm.

    I certainly wasn’t going to say something to a random guy on the street that happened to look like you. But maybe I should have.

  2. Hey – when you finally get where you need to be don’t forget to upload me some pictures!

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