Since SXSW

I have:

  • Played mediocre tour guide for Mason in London for his first ever visit
  • Hung out with some friends I made in Austin who live in London
  • Visited Milan and Cinque Terre
  • Missed my flight in a Smart car due to an Italian traffic jam
  • Stayed an extra couple of days and saw Pisa, Florence and Rome
  • Slept in a Smart car beneath the Vatican wall
  • Contemplated living in Spain for a couple of months this summer while I write my dissertation
  • Been trying to figure out what I’ll do once I’m finished with school

    A month? Oops.

    I can’t believe it’s been so long since I posted. It’s been a really busy month. I had a couple of big assignments due for school, so I was cranking away on those until I left for Austin last week. And I didn’t have internet access the whole week I was in Austin, so if I wasn’t in touch with you, it’s not because I don’t like you. It’s because I didn’t have any numbers or any way to contact anybody (except for those few numbers I have memorized).

    Anyway, it was great being back home – so great that I almost changed my flight and stayed another week. But I know if I had stayed another week, I would have wanted to stay another month, and so on… And of course I have to finish out my masters here in London, so here I am. I miss the sunshine and BBQ and lake and cheeseburgers already. And my friends. I miss those guys the most. I wish I’d had more time to see everybody, but hopefully I’ll be back in May when I finish up, but I’m not sure if I’ll be moving back for good then, or if I’ll be spending my summer elsewhere. We’ll see!


    Sorry for the blog neglect. I’ve been busy with:

    • Family stuff, running around Southampton
    • My first British (and European) music festival, Bestival (think Eeyore’s birthday on MDMA); I also caught myself a cold there from camping in cold puddles – it didn’t stop pouring the whole weekend
    • Deciding on a school, finally – Brunel in London; though the offer from Southampton was tempting, I just didn’t find myself drawn to the nutrition focus of the course.

    And now I find myself embarking once again to the land of the Vikings – Sweden, to be precise. It turns out that Tim is there for work, and the timing worked out perfectly so that I can hang out with him for a week and be back in time for my move-in at university. Incidentally, I just tried out the new Flickr homepage, and received this strangely intuitive greeting: