Hooray for Google Maps London!

If you’re looking at a map of London and you’re zoomed in far enough, then you click the little More button top right and select Transit, you get this really nice colored tube map overlay. And it’s the actual lines, not the quasi-realistic representation that you see on official tube maps.


4 thoughts on “Hooray for Google Maps London!

  1. If I zoom in far enough I want to see you. Partly out of curiosity, but also because you’re so goddamn beautiful.

  2. actually, it’s funny you say that. i think google street view caught a picture of me near london bridge / borough market.

  3. fun! my boyfriend’s brother is in a google street view, biking home on a residential street in des moines. he discovered it when street viewing his workplace/route home one day and we all got a huge kick out of it.

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