Easy digital photos with vintage cameras

img_3903_thumb.jpgThis is such a cool, simple trick:

You’ll need two cameras for this trick: one (preferably digital) to take the picture and another to aim through. Most people seem to favor cameras with waist-level viewfinders, such as the old Kodak Duaflex, because they’re large and easy to see.Frame your shot using the older camera (call it Camera B), then aim your digital camera (Camera A) at the viewfinder and take the picture. Afterwards, crop the photo to take out everything but the viewfinder image.

The results look pretty awesome!

3 thoughts on “Easy digital photos with vintage cameras

  1. Not really related, but along the lines of photos of another image…John Waters was given a retrospective about 4 years ago for his visual art which consists of among other things several series of photos of TV & Video stills. Check out his interview in BOMB magazine(which is a highly recommended magazine by the way).


  2. huh, pretty interesting. i hear that guy’s name all the time, but i don’t really know who he is.

  3. You have probably heard of his movies as he is more noted as a director. Pink Flamingos, Serial Mom, Hairspray, Cry Baby, and Pecker are the more popular ones. For the most part he is known for making campy movies where the outsiders are empowered. Most of his early movies featured Divine – a outrageous man in drag. I think Waters tends to favor dark comedy and often settings for his comedies include sleazy places where normal people fear to tread. He has a unique perspective and if you can accept that you stand to be rewarded with some pretty entertaining movies. He’s one of those guys where you either love him or you don’t know anything about him because you turned off after the first five minutes.

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