MRSA staph bacteria found at Dripping Springs school

MRSA staph bacteria found at Dripping Springs school

The first case of a drug-resistant staph infection has been reported at a Central Texas middle school.The report comes from the Dripping Springs School District.

The drug-resistant strain known as MRSA was found at Dripping Springs Middle School.

MRSA is pretty serious stuff. Treat your wounds – even small ones – seriously. Wash and dress properly. Not that everyone will be getting MRSA like some sort of plague, but it’s a good idea to know how to recognize the signs. The following is from an interesting case study on how the USC football program defended against an MRSA outbreak:

  • In early stages, skin infections resulting from CA-MRSA may resemble pimples, pustules, or boils—which may rapidly progress to form abscesses, cellulitis, deep-seated furuncles, or necrotizing fasciitis.
  • Athletes described the pain as similar to a “spider bite.”
  • Pain experienced during the physical examination may be out of proportion to the injury.
  • The infection site may be hot and/or red.
  • A low-grade fever may accompany the infection.
  • Abscesses may be associated with previously existing turf burns or abrasions.

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