It’s about time, Starbucks

Finally, Starbucks Rolls Out Free Wi-Fi:

Here’s how the new Starbucks “free Wi-Fi” plan works: Customers purchase a Starbucks Card, which is like a gift card to yourself, with a minimum of $5 on the card. Then you go online to register the card for the rewards program. The rewards program grants you up to two hours of consecutive access every day. The $5 on the card can be used to buy coffee, snacks or other goods from Starbucks.

The only catch:

The catch for this service is that the rewards card has to be used at least once per month with a Starbucks purchase to keep the rewards active. AT&T will send you four solicitation e-mails per year.

It’s not a bad catch for such ubiquitous wi-fi. Really, in some over-caffeinated cities this could mean an uninterrupted wi-fi signal for miles. If you’ve got a rewards card, sign up here.