gyj_sha.jpgIt’s pricey, but it’s cool:

 Simply a perfect couple: The breathtaking charm of the legendary Holga, encouraging you to dive into experimental photographic effects and the amazing advantages and features of the Polaroid instant Photography including the Image Transfer Technique when using the 88 or 669 Film. With this set you have all the options, deciding whether you take medium format pictures, 35mm Shots or simply load your Holga with overwhelming Polaroid material.

They also have just the back, if you have your own Holga 120.

My Lubitel

First of all, I want to send out a HUGE thank you to the friend who gave me this wonderful little twin-lens-reflex lomography camera (though I’m sure she doesn’t read this blog). Here’s a few shots from my very first roll (still learning how to use this camera):