Since SXSW

I have:

  • Played mediocre tour guide for Mason in London for his first ever visit
  • Hung out with some friends I made in Austin who live in London
  • Visited Milan and Cinque Terre
  • Missed my flight in a Smart car due to an Italian traffic jam
  • Stayed an extra couple of days and saw Pisa, Florence and Rome
  • Slept in a Smart car beneath the Vatican wall
  • Contemplated living in Spain for a couple of months this summer while I write my dissertation
  • Been trying to figure out what I’ll do once I’m finished with school

    Austin Ice Cream Festival

    This seems like it might be a good way to cool down on a ridiculously hot Saturday. Or a good place to take your youngins and get ’em all sugared up. Tomorrow from 10-7 at Waterloo Park.

    Me? I will be selling all my worldly possessions in a yard sale starting about 7am tomorrow. Come on out if you want to hang out on the porch with me, or you’ve always wanted to pilfer through my stuff. But I might just wrap it up around lunch time and reward myself with some ice cream.

    Soaking up the sun

    Holy crap! I’m leaving Texas. Flying out to England August 13th. Gonna miss just about everything about this place: the sun, the Springs, the hills, downtown, the Tex-Mex and BBQ, the weirdness, but mostly the awesome friends I have. Thanks for enriching my life. Hopefully I will be back someday.

    Until Aug 13, I’m going to be doing as much fun stuff as I can, and I have vowed to take at least a weekly dip in Barton Springs. Join me on Saturdays if you like.