If somebody at Polaroid is listening

You’re doing it wrong! You don’t need to drop film, you just need to market film cameras that people get excited about again – cameras like the SX-70:

Stick to what you’re good at. Polaroids are (and have been) very popular with photographers, people in the music and fashion industries, and generally hipsters everywhere.

So you could create a new line of cheap, crappy digital cams for that burgeoning toddler-to-tween photographer market. Or you could ride the resurgent wave of Polaroid popularity to glory. Your choice.

Polaroid won’t make Polaroids any longer


Polaroid Corp. is dropping the technology it pioneered long before digital photography rendered instant film obsolete to all but a few nostalgia buffs.Polaroid is closing factories in Massachusetts, Mexico and the Netherlands and cutting 450 jobs as the brand synonymous with instant images focuses on ventures such as a portable printer for images from cell phones and Polaroid-branded digital cameras, televisions and DVD players.