Sorry for the blog neglect. I’ve been busy with:

  • Family stuff, running around Southampton
  • My first British (and European) music festival, Bestival (think Eeyore’s birthday on MDMA); I also caught myself a cold there from camping in cold puddles – it didn’t stop pouring the whole weekend
  • Deciding on a school, finally – Brunel in London; though the offer from Southampton was tempting, I just didn’t find myself drawn to the nutrition focus of the course.

And now I find myself embarking once again to the land of the Vikings – Sweden, to be precise. It turns out that Tim is there for work, and the timing worked out perfectly so that I can hang out with him for a week and be back in time for my move-in at university. Incidentally, I just tried out the new Flickr homepage, and received this strangely intuitive greeting: