Upcoming FISA Bill Would Grant Telecoms Immunity

Slashdot | New FISA Bill Would Grant Telcoms Immunity; Vote Is Tomorrow

“This just in: a new ‘compromise’ FISA Bill PDF was just made public, which, the Electronic Frontier Foundation reports, ‘contains blanket immunity for telecoms that helped the NSA break the law and spy on millions of ordinary Americans.’ The House vote is tomorrow, June 20. After all the secret rooms and everything … if they get immunity and the public never finds out what happened, the only other logical next step is to convince everyone I know not to get an iPhone.”

It’ll be interesting to see how McCain and Obama vote. Oh, and if you believe in justice and/or freedom, it might be a good idea to pester your congressman.

Paying per Gigabyte

On the heels of good news for internet users, Boing Boing reports that Time Warner cable is metering internet in test markets:

Time Warner’s plans to meter its cable internet are taking shape. The short of it: $1 for every gigabyte over the plan’s standard allowance, which will be 5 GB for a $30 plan and 40GB for a $60 plan. This compares to Comcast, which has secret limits somewhere north of 250GB, and Bend Cable, which has a 100GB cap.

Of those two plans, only the latter is of any use to anyone who does more than check email and IM: 5GB is what you get with cellphone data plans right now. Even 40GB is crummy: compare to Comcast, derided by geeks for its secret caps, with its 250GB-ish allowance. If you used that much bandwidth in one of Time Warner’s test markets, you’d be getting a $270 internet bill.

No thanks.