Merry nostalgic Christmas!

I was just watching a BetaMaXmas – an 80s TV with remote and TV Guide, filled with holiday specials and commercials – and I realized something. I want Drakkar Noir for Christmas. I’m bringing it back. Oh, gotta go – Designing Women is on. Suzanne Sugarbaker just got a pig for Christmas.

Journey is coming

Journey + Heart + Cheap Trick. I was pretty young when they were really big, but I can’t help but get a strong sense of nostalgia when I hear the music. Especially in the Faithfully video, there’s something about the combination of the clothes, the cars, and the music that take me back to my childhood. What is it about the look of old film that feels so much like a memory? Will the digital photos and videos of today evoke the same sense of nostalgia years from now? I digress…

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(That last one’s courtesy of Sarvesh.)