Yellowstone (I want to go back)


I went to Yellowstone back in September with a group of friends, and it was amazing. Hiked and camped the entire time, with the highlight for me being the 3-day backcountry hike into pure wilderness, and a campsite that was like a little slice of heaven – utterly silent except for the babbling from the two creeks surrounding the site.



I came across these stunning WWII Kodachrome large format images via Metafilter. That’s some good-lookin’ propaganda, right there.

Greetings from sunny – wait, rainy – no wait, sunny again – London

I have to say, springtime in London is pretty awesome. The weather’s been pretty sunny up until today, the trees have been covered in flowers, tulips are blooming, and the city doesn’t look like a gray, sooty mess any more in daylight. I regret that I won’t get to enjoy the better weather here after I leave next month. Well, I’ll probably be back here and there, but it seems a shame that most of my time here was in the Autumn and Winter months. Plus, we don’t have swine flu over here… yet.

Here’s some shots from Tower Bridge of the London Marathon yesterday:

London photo walk

I had about 8 free photo galleries on my list, and I managed to see 5 of them. Not bad, really, considering they were all spread around London, and I didn’t just breeze through any of them. Anyway, on my way, I took some photos of my own. It was a rare sunny winter day. Most of these are from my neighbo(u)rhood.

Update: I also meant to mention that the Angela Gorgas exhibit at the National Portrait Gallery is worth the trip down there all on its own. This photo is one of my new favorites of all time:

Martin Amis by Angela Gorgas

There are also two very good smaller (free) galleries near Old Street station. The Yvon Lambert had some really interesting large prints from Andres Serrano. His stuff borders on pornography, but there’s an almost painful intimacy to much of his work that helped it transcend the initial gross-out factor. That, and the gallery was curated really well, with photos in just the right places with respect to each other. The other gallery was Rivington Place, a larger and spacious gallery showing Santu Mofokeng’s work, which consists mostly of South African apartheid subject matter – perhaps less shocking than Serrano’s exhibit, but making no less of an impact.

So this is Christmas

I hope everyone has a great break, enjoys time with family, eats delicious food, and gets lots of presents. Things are going well this side of the pond; I’m out for break and spending time with family. My brother’s over, and I’ve been trying to show him a good time in London – apparently Shoreditch and Camden are the places to be. Oh, and Portobello market is awesome, especially on Saturdays.  I took these the other day in Southampton. If we don’t have a white Christmas here, at least I think we’ll have a foggy one.

Someone Once Told Me

Such a cool idea for a photo project:

What SOTM actually means is that people are asked, sometimes by appointment and sometimes randomly, to hold up a large piece of paper, upon which they write something that someone once told them. Or emailed. Or texted. Basically something that’s been communicated to them. But told, preferably.

Check out Someone Once Told Me. Here’s a video of the project: