Ways to avoid cancer risk

Want to avoid cancer? Don’t have too much fun:

The World Cancer Research Fund carried out the largest ever inquiry into lifestyle and cancer, and issued several stark recommendations.

They include not gaining weight as an adult, avoiding sugary drinks and alcohol, and not eating bacon or ham.

Ha, just kidding, go ahead and have fun:

Commenting ahead of the report’s release, cancer specialist Professor Karol Sikora said: “There’s absolutely nothing magic about 10 bullet points to prevent cancer.

“The main message I would have is not to worry about it, to enjoy life, if you like a glass of wine have it, and a small amount of meat is not going to harm you.”

Maggots Rid Patients Of Antibiotic-resistant Infection, MRSA

Since I’ve been talking about MRSA, here’s an interesting news item (don’t click if you don’t want to see maggots in a wound):
University of Manchester researchers are ridding diabetic patients of the superbug MRSA – by treating their foot ulcers with maggots. Professor Andrew Boulton and his team used green bottle fly larvae to treat 13 diabetic patients whose foot ulcers were contaminated with MRSA and found all but one were cured within a mean period of three weeks, much quicker than the 28-week duration for the conventional treatment.

File under: Better safe than sorry

This seems rather silly for the BBC to be reporting:

Women should decide for themselves if they want to drink small amounts of alcohol in pregnancy, a doctor says.

Obstetrician Pat OBrien said experts should not be making a value judgment, the British Medical Journal reported.

He said there was no evidence that low to moderate drinking caused some of the health problems to the foetus associated with heavy drinking.

That’s true. But there’s also no evidence that it’s perfectly safe, either. And sure, it’s always up to the mother. But isn’t it the responsibility of the health system and health professionals to advocate the safest possible strategy?

MRSA staph bacteria found at Dripping Springs school

MRSA staph bacteria found at Dripping Springs school

The first case of a drug-resistant staph infection has been reported at a Central Texas middle school.The report comes from the Dripping Springs School District.

The drug-resistant strain known as MRSA was found at Dripping Springs Middle School.

MRSA is pretty serious stuff. Treat your wounds – even small ones – seriously. Wash and dress properly. Not that everyone will be getting MRSA like some sort of plague, but it’s a good idea to know how to recognize the signs. The following is from an interesting case study on how the USC football program defended against an MRSA outbreak:

  • In early stages, skin infections resulting from CA-MRSA may resemble pimples, pustules, or boils—which may rapidly progress to form abscesses, cellulitis, deep-seated furuncles, or necrotizing fasciitis.
  • Athletes described the pain as similar to a “spider bite.”
  • Pain experienced during the physical examination may be out of proportion to the injury.
  • The infection site may be hot and/or red.
  • A low-grade fever may accompany the infection.
  • Abscesses may be associated with previously existing turf burns or abrasions.