I’m a sucker for points and experiments, so I’m going to try Bing instead of Google for the next 30 days. Bonus – Microsoft is giving people who use Bing rewards points that can be redeemed for actual money at Amazon and the like. You can too, sign up here.

USA Today had a little write-up on how MS is trying to catch up with G. 20% market share for March 2015 is more than I expected.

Ostrich Pillow Mini

So happy to see the Studio Banana guys releasing an awesome new product. You might remember the Ostrich Pillow; they have come up with a personal-sized power-nap pillow called the Ostrich Pillow Mini. Go and support them at their kickstarter here! (Full disclosure: I helped them facilitate the kickstarter and totally love these guys.)

Napping everywhere

Ostrich Pillow Mini

Happy Shopsgiving

So, anybody spend tons of time and money shopping the last few days? I probably would have, if I had found really good deals on exactly what I wanted (namely, a really nice monitor for photo editing around $200, or really good deals on lenses). They had a couple of insane deals at Frys and Best Buy and the like, but I wasn’t prepared to camp 24 hours ahead of time in the damp and chill to procure goods. If you got some neat stuff at low, low prices, I’d like to hear about it.