Spelling Bee Funds Used for Audio Books at Austin Public Library

The funds raised by the Austin Chronicle Adult Spelling Bee were used to complete the collection of 2010 Audie Winners at APL. The “Audies” recognize distinction in audiobooks and spoken word entertainment.

At least they’re promoting an understanding of irony, if not literacy.

Austin housing market

I’m just curious how the housing market in Austin is faring with this whole recession thing happening. Anyone have their ear to the ground on real estate? I’m especially interested to know how the condos are doing. This blog has some interesting info, and gives a slightly mixed / partially negative outlook on the market, but I’m needing a more distilled version.

Austin Ice Cream Festival

This seems like it might be a good way to cool down on a ridiculously hot Saturday. Or a good place to take your youngins and get ’em all sugared up. Tomorrow from 10-7 at Waterloo Park.

Me? I will be selling all my worldly possessions in a yard sale starting about 7am tomorrow. Come on out if you want to hang out on the porch with me, or you’ve always wanted to pilfer through my stuff. But I might just wrap it up around lunch time and reward myself with some ice cream.

Fleet Foxes

Again, I apologize for neglecting the blog. I’ve been so busy lately, and I fear it will only get worse from here on out. I forgot to mention I actually made it into the sold-out Fleet Foxes show at the Mohawk. They were really terrific, in that dreamy, My-Morning-Jacket-y way. Plus they apparently really like Casa de Luz, which means they must be pretty ok. You can see my shots over at Austinist (big thanks to Paige for letting me shoot).

Fleet Foxes

Soaking up the sun

Holy crap! I’m leaving Texas. Flying out to England August 13th. Gonna miss just about everything about this place: the sun, the Springs, the hills, downtown, the Tex-Mex and BBQ, the weirdness, but mostly the awesome friends I have. Thanks for enriching my life. Hopefully I will be back someday.

Until Aug 13, I’m going to be doing as much fun stuff as I can, and I have vowed to take at least a weekly dip in Barton Springs. Join me on Saturdays if you like.

Brad Neely Animation Showcase

Tonight, Monday, and next Thursday only, the Alamo Drafthouse downtown will be showing a Brad Neely Animation Showcase. Brad’s the guy from Austin who came up with the Harry Potter spoof ‘Wizard People Dear Reader’ as well as the Cox and Combes George Washington video (NSFW). He also does a whole bunch of funny stuff over at SuperDeluxe. Drafthouse says:

We’ll have a selection of Neely’s funniest animations as well as an introduction and Q&A with a guy that the Pentagon has called “the most dangerous man in the world.” OK, I made that up. He’s really, really funny though and if you miss it you’ll be sad.

In other Drafthouse news, I’m heading to the Monster Rock Sing-Along tonight at the Ritz. Come on feel the noise.