Mike Libby – Insect Lab


These are really cool:

Insect Lab is an artist studio that customizes real insects with antique watch parts and electronic components. Offering specimens that come in many shapes, sizes and colors; each insect is individually adorned, each is one of a kind and unique.

Borrowing from both science fiction and science fact, Insect Lab’s customized insects are a celebration of natural and manmade function. Specimens are presented in custom black shadow boxes or glass dome display, allowing for presentation anywhere.

Image taken from insectlabstudio.com

Paper Sculpture by Richard Sweeney

Paper Sculpture by Richard Sweeney


It’s funny, most art kids I’ve spoken to say they suck at math. But art often seems so intrinsically mathematical to me. Like it’s a constantly-evolving way of expressing math. I think maybe those art kids are just tuned in to such unconventional ways of understanding math that conventional math classes seem impossible to them.

Currently at the SFMOMA

If you happen to be in San Francisco soon, I highly recommend the “Take your time” installation on the 4th floor by Olafur Eliasson. SFMOMA says:

Widely heralded as one of the most important artists of his generation, Olafur Eliasson nimbly merges art, science, and natural phenomena to create extraordinary multisensory experiences. Challenging the passive nature of traditional art-viewing, he engages the observer as an active participant, using tangible elements such as temperature, moisture, aroma, and light to generate physical sensations.

I liked it because it was really sciencey. They’ve also got a really great photo exhibit on a lower floor.