Thanks, spammers

BrusselsHold that pose.Damme, outside BrugesOn the bike path to DammePoplars along the canal to DammeSwans near lovers lake
30 degrees outside? Boat trip.This giant wheel turns to ring the bells in the belfry tower, with pins in different places to decide the melodyI imagine that someone takes great pride in creating signage in Belgium.The Garrison has the coolest urinals in LondomGraham Hill looks like he probably drank espresso and smoked inside a formula one carNotting Hill

London+Bruges, a set on Flickr.

No, seriously, thanks. I forget to blog unless I get comment spam. I never really used Instagram before this trip, but I do like how it auto-uploads to Flickr at the same time. Here are a few from London and Bruges.

Via Flickr:
March 2013

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