Hipster Ipsum

Maybe old news to some, but my web designer just introduced me to http://hipsteripsum.me/ (“Artisanal filler text for your site or project.”) via one of his mockups. I thought it was pretty amusing.

Put a bird on it DIY church-key, ethical craft beer single-origin coffee butcher freegan sriracha marfa narwhal mustache gluten-free disrupt. Letterpress VHS fashion axe, PBR flannel wolf gentrify artisan street art wayfarers. Butcher plaid fap terry richardson, truffaut flexitarian pour-over cliche gentrify +1 meh polaroid tousled street art occupy. Irony butcher authentic gastropub, +1 marfa neutra mumblecore keffiyeh forage kale chips cred polaroid godard. Leggings readymade thundercats, typewriter umami pour-over cosby sweater intelligentsia brooklyn lomo church-key 3 wolf moon before they sold out. Ethnic next level retro, pickled pop-up marfa odd future pork belly blog readymade synth bicycle rights carles. Pork belly wayfarers kogi, disrupt flexitarian salvia food truck deep v meh mumblecore ethnic marfa thundercats.


I’m pretty sure that paragraph of gibberish just summed up everything I love/hate about Austin.

Edit: I love when I google things I’m not sure about and end up learning something amazing.

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