Avoid Citi cards if you hate bad customer service

I’ve been dealing with fraudulent charges on my card for months now, and in the meantime I’ve had to make payments on this balance. I had a similar issue once with Discover and they corrected it immediately. With Citi, it’s been a months-long ordeal. Finally they sent me a letter showing a scribbled signature on a receipt (not mine of course), and told me they would not be refunding my charges. Here’s what I sent them:

I have emailed several times regarding the charges on my card ending xxxx. I am very unhappy with the customer service provided thus far. I have only received responses regarding the smaller of the two fraudulent charges on this card, and the response I received was that you deemed the charge valid. Allow me to explain the nature of this fraud:

1) I haven’t used this card since April 2009; in fact, it has been put away inside a box in a drawer since that time.

2) In May 2009 two charges appeared from some place in Spain that appears to be a furniture store, after some searching on the internet: $xxx.xx and $xx.xx; these were accompanied by a foreign transaction fee of $xx.xx and a finance charge of $x.xx.

3) I was not in Spain at the time; I was in Indiana. This can be corroborated by evidence of passport stamps, plane tickets and activity on my other Citi card which clearly shows charges on the date in question – 5/23/09 – in Indiana.

4) In a letter I received detailing your determination that the charges were indeed valid because there was a signature, said signature is a) not my signature, and b) as previously stated, I was not in Spain, and therefore it would be physically impossible to sign a receipt.

Given the clear and plain nature of this fraud, I am requesting an appeal of your decision and that you:

1) Immediately freeze this account and issue a new card in order to prevent further fraud (I was never given notice you would be doing this)

2) Refund all charges listed above, in addition to the subsequent payments I have made on this balance.

Thank you for your attention to this issue.

What do you think? Strong enough? Too angry-sounding? Maybe it only sounds angry in my head, because I am actually pretty angry about this.

10 thoughts on “Avoid Citi cards if you hate bad customer service

  1. Sounds familiar. I had similar issues with one of my Citicards. They kept charging me late fees on this one Dividend card. Something about it being on a 3-week compressed billing cycle. You really have to pay attention with Citi’s cards to avoid penalties and late fees.

  2. yeah, they’re pretty terrible with that stuff – always trying to catch you in a loophole and raise your rates. i’ll probably divorce myself from them sometime in the near future. all it takes is a decent balance transfer offer from chase or discover, who i’ve had good experiences with.

  3. nope, checked my message on their site today and it remains ‘unread’
    i’m going to have to find the time to call them tomorrow. dbags, indeed.

  4. finally got around to calling them. turns out it was because i clicked on ‘dispute the charge’ rather than submitted an official fraud report. disputing isn’t for fraud. whatever. all i know is it was way easier to handle fraud with discover. now i have to print out and sign a fraud statement, print my statement, circle the charges and sign it, then fax or mail it back in.

  5. Oh you didn’t know that? Disputing is if you used the card at a merchant and they charge you improperly, fraud is when your card is fraudulently used. Seriously kid, think. THINK.

  6. i figured disputing is disputing. i want to dispute a fraudulent charge. made sense in my head. plus there was nothing else on their site i could see that said ‘report fraud’ – but maybe i missed something obvious.

  7. Oh you know I’m kidding. I think it’s wonderful how they are purposefully obtuse to try to screw you out of what is to them a pittance.

  8. I use to work a citi as a account manager and I was one to always be striahgt up to the customer because anytime I try to bs as I was told to do my tone would come out all wrong because I hate lying so I was aventually terminated. Well citi does do shady things one day I got to work and they told us anyone who has a credit score under 700 gas card would be automatically cancel with no notification ahead of time. We also stared doing change in terms at real high rates to get customers to cancel and pay off their cards because we don’t want their specific business. The whole do to the economy line is bs we are told to say and those who dont use that line and tell the truth end up like me without a job.

  9. The only long term solution to these loan shark interest rates is to stop doing business with banks that charge predatory interest rates. I have been doing business with CITI for well over 10 years – I would normally charge 8 K to 10 K in business purchases a month – I always pay in full each month.

    I have never been late or actually had a balance to charge interest on at month end.

    My rate was 11% and was raised to 29.99% – granted 11% of zero is zero and 29.99% of zero is still zero.
    So the interest rate change will cost me nothing in reality – now on the other hand the 10 K in purchases that were going thru that account did make money for CITI.
    Don’t forget that every time you buy something with a credit card, you are also paying the 2% to 4% fee’s the seller is being charged by the card companies. Yes – you are paying the fee – merchants pass this cost on to the consumer. It is a direct cost of selling to consumers via credit cards.

    If your card is stolen or someone gets your card number and makes a purchase – lets say the credit card clearing house authorizes the transaction – who pays?
    The Bank – not normally
    The Merchant – normally
    Who else? You in the form of a increased cost of doing business passed on to the consumer – higher prices.
    Don’t blame the merchants, they didn’t setup the game the Banks did.

    In a several months…………………
    Credit Card Interest rates will slowly come down from the current predatory rates
    Credit will return to something resembling reality
    Banks will start making Mortgage loans again
    CITI, BOA and the others will start competing for our business again

    I will never do Business with firms like these again – no loss to me.

    How do you think they are able to so quickly repay the TARP funds … by tapping the source – the consumer and it doesn’t hurt to be able to borrow money at close to zero percent interest from the very people who are the CONSUMERS that are being gouged.

    I seem to remember from collage something about a risk return ratio in finance – In my case its reduce my risk of being screwed by not returning to CITI.

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