Greetings from sunny – wait, rainy – no wait, sunny again – London

I have to say, springtime in London is pretty awesome. The weather’s been pretty sunny up until today, the trees have been covered in flowers, tulips are blooming, and the city doesn’t look like a gray, sooty mess any more in daylight. I regret that I won’t get to enjoy the better weather here after I leave next month. Well, I’ll probably be back here and there, but it seems a shame that most of my time here was in the Autumn and Winter months. Plus, we don’t have swine flu over here… yet.

Here’s some shots from Tower Bridge of the London Marathon yesterday:

1 thought on “Greetings from sunny – wait, rainy – no wait, sunny again – London

  1. I got a taste of what spring in London is like while I was up there. Maybe a grand total of an hour or so but still it was lovely. Especially the beautiful parks.

    Also you come to really appreciate a blue sky when you rarely see one.

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