Bedtime banality

It seems the only dreams I ever have (or at least remember) are exceedingly mundane. For example, last night I had a dream I was in a cafeteria (like a generic Luby’s) with a few friends. All I remember is sitting at the table, then getting up to fill my tray with food, and I apparently was trying very hard to decide on an entree. For once, I didn’t want any meat dish, so a baked potato was really my only option. I had to decide on my two veggies, which was very difficult. The lady recommended the cauliflower, which I thought sounded nice, and I was going to choose mashed potatoes until I remembered my entree choice. Now what? Broccoli? I woke up before the suspense could kill me.

What do your dreams say about you? Mine tell me I’m a simpleton.

12 thoughts on “Bedtime banality

  1. …and maybe turning vegetarian?

    my dreams say i’m an angry person on the inside…last one i can remember was a couple of days ago when my soon-to-be brother-in-law (aka bil) was having people over on a week night and woke us up. I was incredibly pissed, yelling and trying to kick everyone out but none listened. So i threw one of his friends down and kicked in the stomach…then i felt bad because i thought their fathers were really rich and sue me.

    I remember another one i was breaking out of jail…

  2. My dreams say that I am way too detailed have a tendency to live in my own bizarre reality. I may also be crazy.

  3. That’s good. I’ll try to remember some of my mundane dreams. The thing that sucks is the mental tightness from that stupid dilemma you’re wrestling with while you’re asleep still remains even though the problem is gone away. Happens to me all the time.

  4. when i was four i had recurring dreams that captain hook lived in my closet and would use his hook hand to open my closet door and then he’d creep over to my bed and sprinkle sparkly dust in my eyes while i slept. these dreams terrified me and i’d force myself to wake up. i remember telling myself in my sleep that it was only a dream and that all i needed to do was force my eyes open and it would be okay. this was also at the same age that i had a pet potato that i kept under my pillow. it was supposed to be part of my dinner one evening but i thought it was cute and didn’t want to eat it. i tucked it under my pillow and i’d check every night to make sure my potato was still there but one night it was gone and i cried and cried. i still wonder sometimes what happened to that little potato.

  5. Captain Hook’s huge rat ate your potato. You’re lucky you weren’t in bed when that happened, as we all know rats prefer human flesh to potato flesh.

  6. hmm…i’ll go with not weird. i’d love a new pet potato and also i’m a bit smallish so i tend to get a fair amount of head pats and hair tussles for a 29-year-old. and mason, if i get some crazy potato rat nightmare tonight it’s definitely your fault. 😉

  7. …funny you should post this. I have been having crazy dreams for the last 30 years.

    Last night I was trying to protect my family from tornadoes that were tearing apart this flat landscape we were trying to find cover in. You could look in the distance and see these ominous black spirals coming towards you but you couldn’t figure out where to go because there were several of them all around. A few nights before that it was me being saved by Obama from a fast rising river tide that almost took me under. He took me up to this house on the banks that was some kind of reptile preserve. I remember wearing bright pink “river socks” leaving wet footprints on the dry concrete leading up to the caged animal area. Then I went looking for my daughter who was apparently grown up and a trainer of these reptiles. We were in India I think…

    You know the caged animal thing is a big recurring theme in my dreams now that I think about it. One of my very first recurring dreams as a kid was that of being at a zoo with my Dad and I had to go to the bathroom and when I leaned over to flush the toilet I dropped all the crayons my crayon box down the toilet and watched them circle around the bowl before disappearing. I was very sad. Then when I walked out of the bathroom all the zoo animals were huddled around the outer fence looking outside the zoo and they all looked sad. When I turned to see what they were looking out I saw a giant 747 had crashed into a freeway during rush hour and the everything was either on fire or smoldering. I still occasionally have that dream. Once I even got to go in the plane to rescue people but I believe I was wearing a football uniform and carried around a tiny plastic football.

    I also have fairly elaborate “Deja Vu” dreams – occasionally I wake up and am able to remember them but I only recall them a few seconds before they actually happen which is pretty much useless. Normally these dreams are months or even years into the future and they don’t make much sense because they involve people or places I have yet to meet or travel to.

    BTW, Ali – I just realized in the UK/Europe they have different enter keys on their keyboards. Maybe you should try to dream about deciding which is better. That sounds like an action packed dream waiting to happen.

  8. wow, man. that’s some pretty awesome stuff right there. maybe i need to start meditating or eating something different. i really need to spice up my dream life.

  9. I’ve been keeping a dream journal-thing lately, here’s my favorite recent one:

    In the dream, Miles Davis and Ben Harper formed a super group of black musicians with Horace Andy on lead vocals. The song they were playing was really rhythmic and Horace Andy was singing about a prison uprising, I don’t remember which one, but let’s just say it was Attica or its Jamaican equivalent.
    The percussionist from Ben Harper’s band (Leon Something) had a set of marching drum-conga hybrids that he was playing with narrow drumsticks as he moved about the room, while Miles mostly stood there and nodded approvingly, only occasionally turning around to play with his back to me. Also, for what it’s worth, the dream was distinctly black & white, as I normally dream in vibrant colors.

  10. i don’t think i’ve ever had a black & white dream. i’ve always been curious about what language people who are multi-lingual dream in.

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