So what’s new?

I’m sitting in a cafe near London Bridge, trying to prepare for a presentation I have to give on Tuesday. I’m speaking on the topic of pertussis (whooping cough), and how its resurgence in some parts of the US could display a lack of trust in the medical establishment. Finding good, recent articles on the subject is proving difficult. Perhaps my focus is too narrow. Any advice is appreciated.

What’s new with you?

5 thoughts on “So what’s new?

  1. Pertussis . . . wasn’t there an outbreak here in Texas recently? Homeschoolers weren’t vaccinating so a bunch of ’em got sick? I’ll do some looking around and let you know if I find any recent articles.

    Things are good over here. I bought Old Jonas’ truck on Tuesday and so far so good. It’s a powder blue 69 chevy with a white top and it’s beat to shit. But mechanically it’s very sound. Wife is good, kid is good. Got a lot of home improvement projects I’m getting rolling on this weekend. Also Texas and Navy football are doing great this season so those games have been fun to watch.

  2. good to hear things are well. i ran into some texas exes last week and got tied into the exes network here in london. i’m gonna try to make it to the viewing party this weekend. 69 chevy sounds bad ass. congrats!

  3. don’t know much about pertussis, sorry.

    Hope things are going well for you. We’re taking our wedding planning more seriously now. Seen a few venues and are about to check out House on the Hill off Bee Caves which we’ve heard a lot of good things about.

    I just stumbled across Piknik which says you can edit your photos easily on Flickr amongst other online-photo communities. Also allows you to use adobe’s pixel blender. adobe’s future is bright, cs4 is rolling out, flash player 10 beta is much faster than its predecessor with 3d support, and AIR is the coolest thing since widgets…but sorry, nothing on pertussies.

  4. All I could find are the general results from google in search for “pertussis texas home school whooping cough” and general combos of those terms. So if you do the same you’ll get the same. But nothing really new.

  5. @jtaxx: yeah i’ve tried piknik before, pretty cool, though very basic. getting serious about planning, eh? guess that date’s coming up soon. exciting stuff! wish i could be there to help you celebrate.

    @mason: thanks man. i’ll give permutations of that phrase a shot.

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