12 thoughts on “Woo hoo!

  1. that’s super!! what does a visa look like, anyway? is it a card or just a piece of paper? i wanna get one someday. when i live in iceland. hm..yeah. : )

  2. you get to be my uk penpal.
    it’ll be just like jr. high!
    and you can tell me all about the new pair of trainers your mum got you for the start of term!
    it’s gonna be awesome.

  3. Mine was a stick on certificate inside my passport that took up a whole page. It was very pretty.

  4. @eddie: do people even have penpals anymore? damn you, internet!
    @house: the belgians like three things: beer, laziness and pretty stickers.

  5. don’t belgians also like waffles?
    and screw it.
    just like money clips and handkerchiefs, I’m bringing penpals back.

  6. okay, speaking of bringing things back. ali, i’m with you on preferring film over digital. i’m bringing three cameras with me to alaksa. my polaroid 430 (i have both color and b&w film packs), my digital and my trusty old canon eos rebel g that i took to europe. slightly better lens this time, though.

    i’ve also been trying to bring the high five back for years. no elaborations allowed. just your basic high five.

  7. All I do is high-five at work.
    Though I have to keep correcting one of the hostesses’ form.
    She leaves her fingers spread apart, which is a major high-five faux paux.

  8. Congrats on the visa and damn that credit card company for making things so confusing.

    …I’m afraid high fives are a fool errand. The new fad is over complicated secret hand shakes from bad 80s movies where the last step is the two people pointing at each other to signify the end of the hand shake routine.

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