Jerk it

I’ve been enjoying this song from Thunderheist for a week now. I’ve been enjoying the winning video (done by That Go [warning: sound]) even more. I have been remiss in my duties as a blogger, and I apologize. Enjoy:

thunderheist – jerk it (contest cut) from thatgo on Vimeo.

It seems like the video is filmed with the Phantom, or some other sort of super-high-speed imaging device. Check out this other video that uses it. (Thanks, Allen!)
Edit: I guess it’s actually shot on a Red.

4 thoughts on “Jerk it

  1. I give them props for executing what could have been a crass joke into something stylish and sexy. Kudos.

  2. Holy crap – that’s a $17k+ camera with no lenses or accessories. What costs so much to make it? I mean, I get that it’s technologically advanced and probably has some kind of a specialized computer on board but a collection of ICs, PCBs, resistors, caps, etc can’t cost more than $1k in a machine of that size(including assembly). Either they had one hell of a R&D bill to pay off, they pay their top product engineer to assemble each one by hand, they try to own all the production elements “in house”, or else there is an obscene profit built in there.

  3. i’m gonna guess that whoever makes that high-fps sensor has the patent, and no one else knows how to do it yet, and they charge an outrageous amount for those things to companies that want to make cameras.

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