Soaking up the sun

Holy crap! I’m leaving Texas. Flying out to England August 13th. Gonna miss just about everything about this place: the sun, the Springs, the hills, downtown, the Tex-Mex and BBQ, the weirdness, but mostly the awesome friends I have. Thanks for enriching my life. Hopefully I will be back someday.

Until Aug 13, I’m going to be doing as much fun stuff as I can, and I have vowed to take at least a weekly dip in Barton Springs. Join me on Saturdays if you like.

5 thoughts on “Soaking up the sun

  1. Wow! This feels so sudden – at least to I, who only know you thru your blog. Where in England will you be? What will you be doing?

  2. grad school. location to be determined.. it’s between london, oxford and southampton.

    it’s been a while coming, but it feels sudden to me too.

  3. …didn’t know you were leaving so soon. Well congrats – it ought to be a nice change of pace and Austin will still be here if you ever want to return. Maybe I’ll come visit some day. My company has an office in London and have let US employees transfer there from time to time but having the family here has prevented me from seriously pursuing it but who knows…

  4. whoa! i happy for you. i want to get back over there and visit some folks. it would be cool to meet you in england! i’m too poor to go with my weak little u.s. dollars so i keep waiting. someday.

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