2 thoughts on “Toy synth from the USSR

  1. I’m a complete music gear whore….I have been wanting a Russian Synth forever just so I can say I have one. Particularly, I have been waiting for a deal on a Polivoks. The site linked below is a pretty thorough listing of every Russian synth and drum machine made.


    …by the way, I have a small organ that looks almost exactly like that -same color scheme and construction although mine doesn’t have the fancy graphic or as many buttons. Mine isn’t Russian – I believe it was made in Chicago. It has a fan inside it and a slider bar underneath it. When you turn it on, the fan starts blowing and when you press a key the wind rushes through the appropriate reeds to make sounds. The slider bar underneath limits how much air it pushes through. It’s kind of a like a keyboard version of a harmonica. It’s neat but not particularly useful because the fan is so loud and you obviously would have to mic it up because it doesn’t have any sort of electrical amplification.

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