3 thoughts on “Weezer is meme-tastic

  1. Two things. First, I love that I can catch up on 10 years of internet videos in three minutes.
    Second, I hate that Rivers uses “I’ma.” I thought I was one of the few who used that as a contraction for “I am going to.” Now, it could grow in popularity.
    Oh wait, three things.
    I effing love Pat Wilson like few other people in rock and roll.

    P.S. I wanna write something based on the words used in Recaptcha.

  2. 1) yes.
    2) i’ma start using it more myself
    3) my first impression of weezer was “their drummer is hilarious”

    re: ps – that is a pretty great idea. though you’ll probably have to look up the word “somegoro.”

  3. Thats the catchiest Weezer song I have heard in ten plus years. Rivers reminds me of a sports draft bust – the guy who looks like a sure thing early in his career but his actual career pales in comparison to what we thought it would be. I mean he has written a few decent songs since the first two albums, but let’s face it – nothing has come even close to touching the early work when we thought he was going to be a bad ass writing great record after great record year after year. At this point, his public persona of the talented quirky genius artist is stronger than anything he has put out since the blue album period(which also produced many of the songs heard on Pinkerton).

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