Old mixtapes and stories

I’m going to steal Ben‘s job for a minute. I can’t resist a good web-based nostalgia site, especially one that elevates analog. CASSETTE FROM MY EX takes old mixtapes, streams them, and posts the interesting stories from interesting people to go along with them:

They were into you, so they made you a tape. Today you dont have a cassette player, but you still cant toss that mix. We share the stories and the soundtrack to your earliest loves.

There are some really great stories and some interesting mixes to be heard. I love the sound of a needle scratching vinyl. This one’s going in my feeds.

1 thought on “Old mixtapes and stories

  1. That’s really really cool although I can say with a degree of certainty that at the age of 14 I hadn’t even met anyone who had heard of the band Wire(from the creator of Found magazine’s tape) – much less had someone put it on a mixtape for me. Of course I was also living in New Braunfels as a teen which isn’t exactly a cool mix tape breeding grounds. I’ll have to keep that link bookmarked and check it regularly to see what new mixes come up.

    As a teen I collected “maxi-singles” which often had great rare unreleased tracks from the R&B, Soul, Rap, & Hip Hop genre’s I listened to. I would always use them in my mixes to friends and no one had ever heard the songs. I used to buy them at the only DJ store I knew of in San Antonio – right in the middle of the classic gang turf mall where guys in blue and red hung out at different parts of the mall. I don’t think I ever got too many mix tapes and the ones I did get from girlfriends were sappy beyond belief. I’m actually squirming just thinking about them. These people had way cooler girlfriends and boyfriends than me. By contrast, I heard mix tapes from my wife’s teen years in Austin and she had friends giving her tapes with Saul Williams, Ween, and Leonard Cohen on them. If I only I had lived 45 minutes north off I-35….

    …by the way, I just did a post on Wire recently.

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