FRONTLINE:sick around the world

FRONTLINE does yet another great job as one of the only remaining investigative journalism outfit in America. It’s kind of like Sicko without the persuasive slant, though it is done in an editorial/feature style. You can watch it entirely online (because PBS is awesome), and there’s even a little bonus footage at the end where he explores Ayurvedic medicine. One of the great things about watching Frontline online is the little text popups that link to informative pages, such as this one, that contained a few very interesting graphs (click for bigger):

graph1.jpg   graph2.jpg   graph3.jpg

You’ll notice that the US spends far more money to far less effect than the other nations gathered in these charts (data gathered from a 2007 report by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD)). Another really interesting section is on how different countries compensate doctors and deal with malpractice. I thought the author made a really excellent point when he said that the current presidential candidates are mentioning health care reform, but not one is referring to how we can emulate more effective systems from other parts of the world.

3 thoughts on “FRONTLINE:sick around the world

  1. We watched that on PBS a few days ago – your right it’s a fantastic documentary. I like how they end with a case study on the Swiss health care system and how in ten years they have completely changed the culture of health care of there from what was at one time very similar to our model.

    …one interesting point they make is that part of how they keep meds relatively affordable in other countries is because drug companies know they are going to profit from selling them to the US. Basically the US funds the profit margin so the companies can afford to stay competitive in other country’s markets where they are jockeying to meet lower price points.

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