OK, I’m a TV addict

Now I can finally get my fix again:

wwwreuterscom.jpg Union leaders for striking Hollywood writers voted on Sunday to formally endorse a deal with studios to end their bruising three-month-old labor clash, calling an immediate halt to picketing and paving the way for writers to return to work by mid-week.

I almost got sucked into watching reality shows there. Phew.

5 thoughts on “OK, I’m a TV addict

  1. I pick a few shows and watch them pretty religiously. Lost being at the top of the list right now. I’m also a sucker for seasons on DVD – I’m halfway through season four of Sopranos.

  2. I’m about to finish Season One of Lost probably tonight. Just have the two part season finale to go. We bought Season two last night – It’s pretty addictive. We are watching 2-3 episodes a night(pretty easy when you cut the commercials out).

    I’m trying to catch up to this season quickly because I’m DVRing everything from this season and I don’t want to get too far behind because I’ll have to start deleting stuff on my DVR I want to keep.

    …I hear you on DVD seasons. Its way more enjoyable to watch episodes this way. I may have said this before, but if you can, I highly recommend Northern Exposure on DVD. I hated it when it was originally aired, but after seeing it now as an adult I can see how much of it went over my head. It’s a little dated, but it’s a very clever series. We also really enjoyed the Freaks and Geeks season – I have that if you want to borrow it. sometime – they only made one season so it’s a quick series.

  3. oh yeah, i bet i would really enjoy northern exposure. although i remember thinking the lead actress was pretty annoying.

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