How To Shave Like Your Grandpa

How To Shave Like Your Grandpa:

shave2.jpg Most men today walk around not knowing they have horrible shaves. Electric razors and the latest 5 blade contraptions irritate the skin more than needed, leaving razor burn, ingrown hairs, and redness. Shaving with a safety razor will eliminate the skin irritation and give your face a clean healthy look because you’re just using one blade instead of several that chew up your face in order to cut your whiskers.

I’d really like to try shaving with a straight razor someday, but there’s an entry cost of about $70 for the razor, brush, cream and blades. Maybe I can find my dad’s old razor.

5 thoughts on “How To Shave Like Your Grandpa

  1. I had a straight razor back in college, and maybe it wasn’t sharpened well enough but it pulled on my whiskers like crazy. So I only used it a couple of times. And then a drunk friend of mine was in my dorm room one night and asked if he could have a look. I looked back a few minutes later and he was shaving the plastic off of a pen with it.

    Nice. $50 for one ruined straight razor blade.

    For starters, head up to the Anderson Lane Barber Shop (aka the Korean Barber) and get yourself a shave. It’ll be $20 or so but it looks fucking heavenly. If I didn’t have a beard I’d get one there myself. But be prepared to spend at least an hour of your time there. And get the old Korean woman (well, 50s old) in the corner (I think her name is Shawn – an Americanization of Jong). Or John (the skinny Korean guy who speaks good English). Steer clear of the cute young Korean girl and the pudgy Korean fellow, as well as the white lady – she’s crazy!!!

  2. If you didn’t mention your razor phase I was certainly going to….I know you found out first hand how difficult it is to find the supplies and expensive it is to “get started” in the world of straight razor shaving.

  3. A razor blade has to be sharp to start with or all of the Badger Brushes, Gel Creams, etc. will do no one any good.
    Has anyone looked at the edge of various maker’s double edge blades under a 10 power magnifying glass, or, better yet, a microscope, to see if they can see a difference in the blade edges?
    I looked at a Schick and a Merkur under a 10X glass. The Merkur has a rough edge. The Schick has a much smoother edge.
    I checked this out after using one of each blade. The Schick gave me 25 good shaves before it started pulling,
    The Merkur blade gave me a worse (it pulled more) shave on the first shave than the Schick did after 25 shaves.
    I used to get 60 good shaves out of the Gillette Blue Blade. Now I am doing good to get 30 out of stainless steel, platinum, etc.
    Seems the blade makers are just not putting as good of an edge on their blades just so they will get duller faster.
    I have not tried the Feather Blades yet, but have ordered some, as they have a reputation for sharpness.
    A person should be able to tell just how long, comparatively, a blade will last just by looking at its edge under a microscope.
    The whole thing seems to be a “sting” operation though, as sharp blades could go out for weeks and then the makers of these blades start sending out less sharp ones.
    It does seem near miraculous to me that in a century no one has come up with a way to sharpen and strop these double edge blades.

  4. I think it’s impressive that you count the number of shaves you get out of a razor. I wouldn’t have a clue. I also don’t know how many tooth brushings I get out of a tube of toothpaste or how many underarm applications I get out of a stick/gel of deodorant…

  5. While it would be cool to have a double edge razor that was of a higher quality that you could re-sharpen, the whole point of the DE razor was to make something disposable. If you’re gonna strop might as well get a straight razor.

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