Abandoned books


There’s something about abandoned places I find alluring (I think I’ve probably mentioned that before). Detroit seems to be rife with these places. Here’s a story about the abandoned book depository:

Pallet after pallet of mid-1980s Houghton-Mifflin textbooks, still unwrapped in their original packaging, seem more telling of our failures than any vacant edifice. The floor is littered with flash cards, workbooks, art paper, pencils, scissors, maps, deflated footballs and frozen tennis balls, reel-to-reel tapes. Almost anything you can think of used in the education of a child during the 1980s is there, much of it charred or rotted beyond recognition.

Although HDR makes me cringe, here’s the still-interesting Flickr set [via]

2 thoughts on “Abandoned books

  1. Every time I have been to Detroit it just brings me down. I just stay in my room mostly now – well that’s also because a gang fight broke out at the mall I visited to kill some time while I was there…

  2. wow. yeah, the one time i was there, i only got to see the airport and the road out of town. it was a bit dirty, is all i remember.

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