4 thoughts on “Pedal your way to clean water

  1. Essentially this is an integrated bicycle, pump, and filter. I am so underwhelmed I’m about to pass out.

    If somebody’s going to promote a device that uses a filter that’ll need replacing then how about subsidizing these for the third world:

    Let them get the water back to their homes however they’d like, and use gravity instead of a bicycle powered pump to filter it.

  2. well, solving the transportation problem is part of the deal. pedaling > hauling > motoring. it’s not a perfect solution, but it could be a good stop-gap.

  3. Stop-gap? In the 3rd world stop-gap fixes from the industrialized world equate to long-term fixes. That right there is on of the reasons why the 3rd world is still the 3rd world there, big chief pantyhose.

    There are so many flaws with this big fancy idea I think I’ve got the vapors!

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