The changing face of Austin

Check out this crazy future panorama of Austin’s skyline. You can click on the buildings for more info. Call me a cynic, but I get a bad feeling about this irrational condo exuberance.

3 thoughts on “The changing face of Austin

  1. it’s cool and sad at the same time…here’s hoping Austin doesn’t turn into Houston or Dallas.

  2. I think it’s sad but I guess I would prefer them building towers downtown and making downtown a mess rather than buying and tearing up the hill country for excessive plots of land to build little boxes filled with ticky tacky.

    …speaking of, I highly recommend anyone looking for a short scenic day trip to run out to Junction, TX – the “The Front Porch of the West”. It’s cool because right before you get there, there is a spot on I-10 where the road cuts through a large hill and west opens up in front of you on the other side leaving the Hill Country behind you. Somehow I missed that every time I have headed out west but it was really powerful when I saw it this time. It’s about two hours from here…

  3. I’ve been through Junction a couple of times, but I think I’ve missed that scenic bit – though I do remember the hill country leading up to that being pretty beautiful.

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