UT-designed off-shore Star Wars base


I’m pretty sure part of the architectural discussion involved serious considerations, like “Dude – wouldn’t it be so cool?”:

Star Wars inspiration and biomimicry combine for the design of the Facility at Sea, a sustainable marine research platform and feat of offshore building engineering. The concept came together in an architecture studio at the University of Texas, which evaluated potential applications of the soaring structural designs of Star Wars for a marine research facility.

I think they should call it LANDO – though I can’t really think of a good set of words for that acronym. ‘Aquatic,’ ‘Nautical’ and ‘Oceanic’ come to mind.

6 thoughts on “UT-designed off-shore Star Wars base

  1. Yep, looks great. That’s what architects do – they dream up great looking things and try to get engineers to build these things. But somehow I don’t think even the best engineering firms would be able to get this monstrosity up and going. Good lord.

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