Paper Sculpture by Richard Sweeney

Paper Sculpture by Richard Sweeney


It’s funny, most art kids I’ve spoken to say they suck at math. But art often seems so intrinsically mathematical to me. Like it’s a constantly-evolving way of expressing math. I think maybe those art kids are just tuned in to such unconventional ways of understanding math that conventional math classes seem impossible to them.

2 thoughts on “Paper Sculpture by Richard Sweeney

  1. I would think it’s fairly accurate to say that for most art is a way of making sense of the world around us – each creation is a product of our specific environment. It’s only human to frame our thoughts in a pattern(which is really what forms our logic) that makes sense to us. Even if it doesn’t make mathematical sense, it is likely to follow some sort of pattern – a method to the madness. In essence we all do what’s logical but our environment shapes what we perceive logical to be. Mathematics is just a specific set of logic that is a product of the spatial world…

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