Subtle Gmail changes

Has anyone else noticed some slight Gmail changes and feature additions lately? The profile picture upload has changed a bit, and there are some other things I can’t quite remember right now. The color of the text highlighting of the status message at the top of the page (“Message Sent” etc.) seems to have changed very slightly from a more orangey yellow to a paler yellow. I liked the orangey one better. Has anyone discovered any cool new features?

2 thoughts on “Subtle Gmail changes

  1. ah, well then. this is great news:

    To make this easier on our Greasemonkey users, we’ve recently added an experimental Gmail/Greasemonkey API that should make these types of scripts easier to write and more robust to code changes. (Note that this applies only to users who have installed Greasemonkey scripts — if the term “Greasemonkey” evokes little more for you than an image of an oily mechanic, then you needn’t worry about any of this.)

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